Our Sheepmeat & Lamb Products

Water Tiger Investments Pte Ltd Singapore has development relationships with Abattoirs that produce the highest quality of lamb and sheep to the food safety standards that Australia is known for.

Water Tiger Investments sister company is licensed by the Australian Government and a registered AUS-MEAT licensed Australian Non-Packing Exporter. This provides us with the resources to ensure we meet our international customers exact requirements.

We can source any grade of lamb or sheep, whether it be Organic, Primal Cuts, Secondary Cuts, Offal, etc.

Water Tiger Investments’ determination to ensure we meet our customers requirements to the highest of standards at all times we have developed a global network of lamb and sheep suppliers to deliver quality products all year around on time.

All of our exports are delivered to our customers with all the required documentation from both the exporting and importing countries, including Health Certificates.

Fancy Meat / Offal Cuts

Water Tiger Investments can provide Sheepmeat Fancy Cuts. For example, tongue, liver, tendons tripe, head, etc

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